8.2. Software problems

For details on solving software problems see Chapter 9, "Special notes on some distributions."

8.2.1. Incompatible userspace program:s

  1. gpm - freezy mouse under XFree86. With the current XFree86 you are losing VGA virtual consoles anyway.

    Recommended: disable.

  2. RedHat 8.0/9 - /bin/sysfont:

    You can use RedHat 7.3 consolechars instead.

  3. SuSE 8.1 - /etc/init.d/hwscan:

    Recommended: disable. If you have to install new hardware and want to use this service, boot with standard kernel and start it manually.

  4. Programs writing directly to tty's, like vcstime, cannot be used.

8.2.2. Tweaks needed

  1. Mandrake 9.1 - /etc/init.d/numlock:

    You should change the lines including "/dev/tty[0-8]" to "/dev/tty[0-7]".

  2. SuSE 8.1 - /etc/init.d/kbd:

    Add this line in the very beginning of the file:

    KBD_TTY="tty0 tty2 tty3 tty4 tty5 tty6 tty7"